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When Colette Patterns opened for business back in April, I couldn’t resist buying one of their lovely patterns. I opted for the Beignet skirt- a high waisted straight skirt, with buttoning through the front, and pockets and belt details. Lots to challenge a beginner like me! Aren’t I brave?! Everything about the patterns has been carefully thought through, from designs to instructions to packaging. See how lovely! …

Colette pattern 1005

I was quite limited for fabric choice locally, but decided on a cotton drill which seemed suitably weighty. If I was to repeat the pattern I would probably go for something with a little more drape. As you can see I have been pretty bold with my colour choice. Hopefully I will be confident enough to wear it out and about!


Am pleasedwith the finished product, except for a niggling bump on one of the front panel seams. Although the patterns come in sizes 0-18 (US), I think the styles lend themselves best to a curvy frame. I opted for the Beignet as I felt this would be less of a problem in a skirt. However, it appears that other clever crafters are coming up with workarounds that may inspire me to experiment with other patterns 🙂


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Spring Forward in regia

This was a holiday project which got waylaid on my return to the UK. The pattern is Spring Forward from the fabulous Knitty. I chose a regia yarn, but in retrospect think a plain colour would have shown off the lacy pattern more clearly. Still, am happy with the finished result- my first attempt at a basic lace knit!

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A blog is born.

How exciting!

Have been toying with the idea of joining the craft blogosphere for quite some time now. Am hoping this will help streamline my online craft activities, whilst also acting as a motivator to keep on knitting and stitching. Only time will tell! Still a relative newbie to all things craft, I’ll be tentatively sharing the fruits of my needles (so to speak!), as well as highlighting the work which inspires me daily. Hoorah!

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