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This evening, I was more than a bit excited to spot that one of my knitting projects had been featured on the fantastic Craftzine blog! I’ve subscribed to the blog for *years*, and it is hands-down my top source for crafting inspiration, so to say that I was gobsmacked would be a slight understatement! Given the extra traffic my Flickr photostream will now be receiving I thought I should hastily cobble together a blog post to explain how the project came about!

It has to be said, the Bee Gees are probably not the most obvious subject for a knitting project! However, one of my friends is a massive fan of the 1970’s, with the Bee Gees featuring prominently in his record collection- so, I wanted them to form the basis of a crafty Birthday gift. I hoped that someone might have tackled knitting the Brothers Gibb previously, and I found pictures of Bee Gees dolls crafted by Woollyrocker, but unfortunately there was no associated pattern (and I can’t even seem to track down the pics now!). So, I decided to purchase the delightfully silly Knitted Icons, and set to work on creating some Bee Gees yarn-a-likes. I used the basic doll pattern as a basis, and fashioned Seventies garbs from felt using the Beatles ‘Mop Top’ outfits as a starting point. The wigs and chest hair are where I gave myself real creative license 🙂 The hair was painstakingly applied thread by (embroidery) thread during a rather protracted bout of tonsillitis! It was very exciting to see the Brothers take shape. I was chuffed to bit’s with Barry’s beard, but then came Maurice’s locks, and finally Robin’s teeth, and by the time I was done I couldn’t pick a favourite!

The namecheck on Craftzine came as a lovely surprise, but nothing tops the reaction of my friend after the Big Reveal- “BEE GEE-SUS! It’s the Holy Trinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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