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Elephant brooch

This Elephant brooch is the second of my ‘Sew Hip‘ projects. Coincidentally, I purchased one of these brooches from the designer (Kiss Prudence) at the Christmas Craft Candy fair in Sheffield. So, when I spotted the pattern in Sew Hip I couldn’t resist making it. I struggle to find decent felt in the shops locally, so I treated myself to a bundle of brightly coloured pieces from Lupin Handmade who I’ve previously bought felt brooches from. This felt is 30% wool, although I must say it’s nowhere near the quality of that used in my Kiss Prudence original. Given that the felt wasn’t quite as thick as I could have hoped, I compensated by using 3 layers of interfacing as opposed to the suggested 1. Eagle-eyed readers might recognise the ear fabric as one of those I purchased at the Knit and Stitch Show! Elephant is a belated birthday pressie for a friend, so I hope he is well received 🙂 I think he would make any lapel look most fashionable!


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