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Handmade holidays

I had ample warning this year that I would be hosting Christmas at my house. Ample warning, yes. But did I get my Christmas crafting butt into gear in good time? Of course not! To be honest, hours of trawling the net for inspiration had left me feeling a bit cold. Then, I happened to spot an advert in a friend’s craft mag for festive tea towels at Gossypium. Aforementioned advert suggested using tea towel to create fabric tree decorations. Feeling immediately inspired I ordered the tea towel, and purchased some co-ordinating red checked gingham to back the heart shapes depicting the 12 days of Christmas. They were a bit faffy, and involved a fair bit of pinning, tacking, and hand-sewing but it was worth it in the end. I now have a lovely set of tree decorations which I hope will last a lifetime 🙂

Having never decorated my house previously I hadn’t exactly acquired a wealth of decorations over the years but certain Eagle Eyed Crafty Friends might be able to spot their handiwork below, along with a few gifts I was treated to following the recent Craft Candy Christmas fayre down in Sheffield (c/0 Kiss Prudence, Strawberry Kitten, and Molly’s Mum).


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