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Elephant brooch

This Elephant brooch is the second of my ‘Sew Hip‘ projects. Coincidentally, I purchased one of these brooches from the designer (Kiss Prudence) at the Christmas Craft Candy fair in Sheffield. So, when I spotted the pattern in Sew Hip I couldn’t resist making it. I struggle to find decent felt in the shops locally, so I treated myself to a bundle of brightly coloured pieces from Lupin Handmade who I’ve previously bought felt brooches from. This felt is 30% wool, although I must say it’s nowhere near the quality of that used in my Kiss Prudence original. Given that the felt wasn’t quite as thick as I could have hoped, I compensated by using 3 layers of interfacing as opposed to the suggested 1. Eagle-eyed readers might recognise the ear fabric as one of those I purchased at the Knit and Stitch Show! Elephant is a belated birthday pressie for a friend, so I hope he is well received 🙂 I think he would make any lapel look most fashionable!

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This little cutie is Elijah, designed by Ysolda Teague. I’ve made him for a friend’s baby, but she doesn’t know this yet 🙂 I started out making some booties, but got bored very quickly. Then, a search on ravelry for items knitted from the same yarn (Sirdar snuggly DK) led me to Elijah. I realise he’s not a very realistic elephant colour, but hey ho. The pattern was really straightforward to follow, but included plenty of different methods to maintain my interest. The only slight problem I encountered was in making the eyes. Ysolda recommends embroidering French knots..but as far as I can tell, there’s no way of securing them on the wrong side. So, Elijah is currently wearing temporary eyes for this photo op! If anyone has any bright ideas for how I could create some baby-safe eyes your suggestions would be most welcome!

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