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These past couple of weeks I’ve been pretty much house-bound due to the treacherous weather conditions. Probably the only positive thing that has come out of this is the time it has created for crafting! I picked up one of the books I bought for my birthday back in December, and decided to have a bash at learning to crochet. It only took a couple of evenings to master the basic stitches 🙂 I couldn’t really get to grips with crocheting in rows (kept losing stitches at both ends), but then I hit on the Granny Square!

They’re so simple, and a great way of using up the yarn stash (well, the bits I don’t have reserved for special projects!). I think it was fate that the day I taught myself (okay with the help of this tutorial if I’m honest) to crochet Granny Squares, that Australian blog ‘Meet me at Mike’s‘ should launch their ‘Granny a Day 2010’ craft challenge! The blog is featuring lots of tutorials, and there’s an associated Flickr photo pool for added inspiration. I’ve signed up for the challenge… though I don’t for one minute think I’ll be crocheting at the rate of one Granny per day 🙂 But it might just spur me into action!

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