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Jaywalker Socks

Originally uploaded by Berry_Crafter


I finished this project a while ago now, but have only just got around to taking some snaps. I’m sure those sock knitters amongst you will be familiar with the ‘crosswalker’, and this slight variation by Grumperina, the ‘Jaywalker’. I was recommended this pattern (cheers Bryony!) as a simple way of progressing from basic ribbed patterns (of which I’d grown tired). These knit up quick, don’t require too much concentration, yet produce an interesting and attractive result. Since the pattern doesn’t have a lot of give, I deliberated for quite some time over which size to make (my feet are larger than an ‘average’ womans). In the end I cast on 84 stitches, and they’re pretty much a perfect fit :-). The yarn was a gift, and came without a label, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what I used!


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