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Yesterday I took my Mum to an open day at the Knitting and Crochet Guild down the road at Lee Mills near Holmfirth (stopping en route to check out Up Country, and for a cup of tea in Sid’s Cafe!). On my first trip to one of these open days last summer, I missed the chance to view garments from the Guild’s collection. So, this time I made sure to attend the ‘gloves on’ session, where we were shown historic knitted and crocheted pieces which had been purchased for the Guild. It was particularly interesting to see some of the fine crocheted garments- the mind boggles at how long it must have taken to create some of them! Looking around the exhibition space afterwards my Mum was excited to find some information about the Ringwood Glove knitters- a cottage industry from her childhood home in Hampshire, in which some of our ancestors worked in the earlier part of last century.

Aside from a behind the scenes look at the collection, we also participated in  tea and cakes, and went shopping in the ‘Yarn Mountain’. With cones priced at just £1, and other yarns weighing in at 1 pence per gram, there were bargains to be had. It’s fair to say that my stash is looking healthier than it was:

Knitting and Crochet Guild purchases

The knitting you see cast on is the beginnings of some squirrelly swedish mittens (a slight variation on) to go with the cowl this winter.

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