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This evening, I was more than a bit excited to spot that one of my knitting projects had been featured on the fantastic Craftzine blog! I’ve subscribed to the blog for *years*, and it is hands-down my top source for crafting inspiration, so to say that I was gobsmacked would be a slight understatement! Given the extra traffic my Flickr photostream will now be receiving I thought I should hastily cobble together a blog post to explain how the project came about!

It has to be said, the Bee Gees are probably not the most obvious subject for a knitting project! However, one of my friends is a massive fan of the 1970’s, with the Bee Gees featuring prominently in his record collection- so, I wanted them to form the basis of a crafty Birthday gift. I hoped that someone might have tackled knitting the Brothers Gibb previously, and I found pictures of Bee Gees dolls crafted by Woollyrocker, but unfortunately there was no associated pattern (and I can’t even seem to track down the pics now!). So, I decided to purchase the delightfully silly Knitted Icons, and set to work on creating some Bee Gees yarn-a-likes. I used the basic doll pattern as a basis, and fashioned Seventies garbs from felt using the Beatles ‘Mop Top’ outfits as a starting point. The wigs and chest hair are where I gave myself real creative license 🙂 The hair was painstakingly applied thread by (embroidery) thread during a rather protracted bout of tonsillitis! It was very exciting to see the Brothers take shape. I was chuffed to bit’s with Barry’s beard, but then came Maurice’s locks, and finally Robin’s teeth, and by the time I was done I couldn’t pick a favourite!

The namecheck on Craftzine came as a lovely surprise, but nothing tops the reaction of my friend after the Big Reveal- “BEE GEE-SUS! It’s the Holy Trinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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This little cutie is Elijah, designed by Ysolda Teague. I’ve made him for a friend’s baby, but she doesn’t know this yet 🙂 I started out making some booties, but got bored very quickly. Then, a search on ravelry for items knitted from the same yarn (Sirdar snuggly DK) led me to Elijah. I realise he’s not a very realistic elephant colour, but hey ho. The pattern was really straightforward to follow, but included plenty of different methods to maintain my interest. The only slight problem I encountered was in making the eyes. Ysolda recommends embroidering French knots..but as far as I can tell, there’s no way of securing them on the wrong side. So, Elijah is currently wearing temporary eyes for this photo op! If anyone has any bright ideas for how I could create some baby-safe eyes your suggestions would be most welcome!

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Not a pair of socks

Thats right…I have finally branched out! Albeit only to a shrug (the smallest, chunkiest version I could locate)…. but the imortant thing is that it isn’t a sock, mitten, hat or scarf 🙂 I used this straightforward pattern Anthropologie inspired capelet, and a Rowan chunky yarn in Wild Berry, which I think was a good choice for the autumn. I only had juuuust enough yarn to complete this. Probably could have done with being a couple of rows longer, but I think I just about got away with it. In the first of these photos, you can see how I’ve pinned it with a brooch at the opening, it’s a lovely little one I picked up from a vintage fair recently 🙂

edited photo


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