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This project has only taken me… erm… approximately half a year! I think they were supposed to be a quick Christmas knitting project 🙂 Hmm. I was plagued with problems (chiefly, me not concentrating on the pattern), resulting in a traumatic ripping back of sock number 2, and a few months hiatus. When I finally returned to the project a few weeks back I failed to remember (probably should write these things down…) that I’d made some quite significant amendments to the original pattern…resulting in the finished pair being pretty mismatched. The difference is probably fairly obvious to even the untrained eye, but I’m still happy to have my own pair of Hedera socks made from gorgeous ‘(mmmm)malabrigo’- Library girl Knits assures me that’s how it’s pronounced 🙂


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Stash busting

I recently knitted this iphone cosy as a gift for a friend. It turned out to be a wonderful way of using up oddments of leftover sock yarn. This one’s made out of the malabrigo I used for the Anastasia socks last year. The pattern is really straightforward, and is worked from the bottom up to the cuff. My top tip with this one is to trust the sizing. It might look super dinky, but it’s actually a nice snug fit. Unfortunately it might not be immediately obvious from my amateurish snap, but the pattern also incorporates a pouch on the front to store headphones 🙂 Handy!

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Birthday knits

The main focus of my knitting over the last few weeks has been the following pair of not-so-secret birthday socks for my Mum’s 60th (which is today…Happy Birthday Mum!). Underestimating my Mum’s web activity, and powers of observation, I posted a couple of mid-project pics on Flickr to link up with my Ravelry profile. Whoops! Anyway, here they are all finished and modelled by my good self. Thankfully I hear reports that they fit Mum just as well. I was a little nervous they wouldn’t. They were my first pair of  ‘toe-up’ socks, and I accidentally cast-off a little too tightly on the first one. Think I will attempt further toe-up projects in the future. It seemed to knit up quicker than usual..though I’m sure this was just my imagination, or the simplicity of the pattern. It took me a fair few attempts to master the short rows method for turning the heel, and I still wasn’t overly impressed with my results. However, I really enjoyed the magic cast on, courtesy of Judy Becker via Cat Bordhi. The yarn I used for this project was rather special too, a lovely malabrigo in caribeno. It was a dream to knit with, and I shall definitely have to acquire some more for the stash!



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Being ultra prepared this year, and knitting my winter accessories nice and early. I had been eyeing up the La-La-Love-You cowl at Popknits for quite sometime, and decided to treat myself to some Malabrigo merino worsted yarn in Verde Adriana (green is my favourite colour) – the yarn recommended in the pattern. I had a few problems with this one. I couldn’t get my head around the instructions for knitting on a circular needle, so opted for double pointed instead. Unfortunately, this meant that I was forever moving stitches back and forth between needles to cope with all the yarn overs etc. Also, being new to lace knitting, mistakes were inevitable, so there was a fair bit of ripping back to be done! It hadn’t dawned on me to run a piece of yarn through the stitches to give me a point to work back to (until Bryony pointed this out to me!)- but this is a technique I will employ from now on (particularly when I get round to attempting the lace shawl!!). Without mistakes this would have been a mega quick knit (for me)- possibly just 2 or 3 evenings.  I have mixed feelings about the finished results. It is lovely in itself, but a touch wide for my scrawny neck! May not provide the necessary warmth in the brutal Yorkshire winter unless pinned…

La-La-Love_You cowl

La-La-Love-You cowl

Which allows me to show off another mini project.. The heart pin I’ve attached here was made in an evening. Such a quick knit, and ideal as a gift. It was constructed in 2 parts, and then stitched together around a heart-shaped piece of card, with a small bit of stuffing adding bulk. I’m simply pinning with a safety pin, but I hope to eventually swap this for a proper brooch pin. Sweet! The pattern was freely available from knitbot, and all it requires is a wee bit of leftover yarn from the stash.

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