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Merry Christmas

Okay, so I’ve been gone a while. If I get blogging again now, then technically I don’t need to make it a New Year’s resolution come Saturday, right? I’ve also had a bit of a kick up the bum from my readership (you know who you are!). It’s not like I’ve taken a break from crafting- as you will see in the following posts I hope. My excuse back in September was that the light had become too poor for taking pics of completed projects. Well, given that we’re in the depths of winter, it hasn’t improved- but excuses, excuses eh? So, let’s hope the descriptions can make up for the not-so-clear photography…

This Christmas, I’ve been hosting. Which was good, as it kept me busy (apparently it has been a ‘gourmet’ experience (!)- I went to town in the kitchen), encouraged me to decorate my house for the first time, and meant my craft projects were close by to keep me from boredom once the folks had fallen asleep every night (on average, 8pm, and 2 minutes into whatever we had chosen to watch on tv that evening!). I’ve completed one project so far this holiday, and that is the smaller version of Ishbel, which I purchased aaaages ago. My first attempt was at the larger version (yes, I know!), but in the time which has passed since that less than successful attempt, I’ve had a lot more practice at lace knitting. The yarn which I used was artesano 100% 4 ply alpaca purchased on the opening day of the lovely Spun in Huddersfield this Autumn. Super soft, and there’s some left over. Hmmmm, what to make?


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