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Monkey business

Following a recent request from a friend for a ‘sock monkey’ I tracked down these simple instructions, and ‘prototype monkey’ was this week born. The lucky recipient of monkey will be my friend’s baby, who is today celebrating her first birthday. She (and her Mum) are possibly learning of monkey’s iminent arrival through this blog post 🙂


I love monkey’s rainbow stripes. I was so pleased to find such a jolly coloured pair of socks that I bought 3 pairs, so monkey cloning will commence shortly! He was dead easy to make. All that was required was a bit of toy stuffing, some thread and some buttons for the eyes. Yesterday, monkey had black beady eyes, but I found them a bit menacing, so today I performed a careful transplant for a blue pair. I don’t want the birthday girl to cry! Prototype monkey is far from perfect. His limbs are a bit wonky, and his arms a touch too skinny. I like to think this adds to his charm…but next time I will try not to sew him up in such an excited hurry.


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