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This project has only taken me… erm… approximately half a year! I think they were supposed to be a quick Christmas knitting project 🙂 Hmm. I was plagued with problems (chiefly, me not concentrating on the pattern), resulting in a traumatic ripping back of sock number 2, and a few months hiatus. When I finally returned to the project a few weeks back I failed to remember (probably should write these things down…) that I’d made some quite significant amendments to the original pattern…resulting in the finished pair being pretty mismatched. The difference is probably fairly obvious to even the untrained eye, but I’m still happy to have my own pair of Hedera socks made from gorgeous ‘(mmmm)malabrigo’- Library girl Knits assures me that’s how it’s pronounced 🙂

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Birthday knits

The main focus of my knitting over the last few weeks has been the following pair of not-so-secret birthday socks for my Mum’s 60th (which is today…Happy Birthday Mum!). Underestimating my Mum’s web activity, and powers of observation, I posted a couple of mid-project pics on Flickr to link up with my Ravelry profile. Whoops! Anyway, here they are all finished and modelled by my good self. Thankfully I hear reports that they fit Mum just as well. I was a little nervous they wouldn’t. They were my first pair of  ‘toe-up’ socks, and I accidentally cast-off a little too tightly on the first one. Think I will attempt further toe-up projects in the future. It seemed to knit up quicker than usual..though I’m sure this was just my imagination, or the simplicity of the pattern. It took me a fair few attempts to master the short rows method for turning the heel, and I still wasn’t overly impressed with my results. However, I really enjoyed the magic cast on, courtesy of Judy Becker via Cat Bordhi. The yarn I used for this project was rather special too, a lovely malabrigo in caribeno. It was a dream to knit with, and I shall definitely have to acquire some more for the stash!



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Pair of Monkeys

Finally, something to show you! Last night I put the finishing touches to my first pair of Monkeys. I’m really pleased with them, and wore them to bed in celebration 🙂 This is definitely a pattern I could see myself repeating… if there weren’t a lifetime’s worth of other socks already lining up to be knitted! I didn’t really run into too many problems with these ones. There was just a little unravelly yarn at one point, which I’m hoping doesn’t result in a weak spot that requires darning. My main triumph with this project was finally mastering the toe grafting. I know, this is simple, but for some reason I must have been getting my knits and purls all mixed up, resulting in a little ridge along the toes. This time, I referred to a trusty old YouTube Tutorial, and hey presto! Perfect toes at last 🙂 Oh, and I really must try and be more patient and wait until I have good enough light for crafty photography. Tonight’s photoshoot involved hanging upside down on the sofa in order to get the tootsies close enough to the lamp. So, I enjoyed the unexpected bonus of an abdominal workout. Who’d have thought knitting could be quite so energetic! 




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Arrrgh! When knitting goes bad! I am currently mid-projects, hence the lack of posting. The Monkeys are coming along nicely. Good Monkeys. However, am also knitting my first pair of ‘toe-ups’, and experiencing horror after horror! First I had infi-problems with getting started, then in an attempt to avoid the ghastly stitch wrapping method on the heel turn I decided to give this method a go. It got good reviews… Anyhow, it has left me with a nasty gappy heel turn, and seeing as I apparently have forgotten how to count.. a wonky heel too. To try and compensate for wonkiness, I started making and knitting together stitches in a rather amateur fashion in a vain attempt to close the gap. Hmmm. I seem to have created a lace effect which is not part of the pattern 😦 I would frog them, if I hadn’t started them about 4 times already. Grrrr. And grr again for good measure. Tonight I fear I will have knitmares.

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This work-in-progress is the first in a pair of Monkeys– one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry, designed by the very talented Cookie A. The pattern is pretty straightforward to follow, and I’m really enjoying it. I adapted it from the instructions to knit on 2 circular needles, as the double pointed set are otherwise engaged in a secret knitting project! Is good to have the Addi Turbo’s back in action. I forget just how lovely they are to work with! the yarn I’m using for these is a standard Opal, which I have on good word is a hard-wearing sock yarn. I do hope so, as the heel on these is knit in plain. All the previous patterns I’ve worked to have involved slipped stitches on the knit rows to create a bouncier, tougher heel pad.

This is my 2nd attempt at the Monkeys. The first was frogged in favour of a plain yarn, as I just wasn’t getting a pleasing result in the self-striping yarn I started out with. Should have taken inspiration from the many beautiful projects on Ravelry- but have only just started using the site to its full potential. Oh well, we live and learn.

Speaking of learning… This is the first project for which I have used a long-tail cast on (aka double cast on or continental cast on). I’m ashamed to say that I have previously used a lazy (but very easy) single cast on method- which in retrospect was sooooo much more difficult to knit into. Am so pleased to have a new method which produces a much neater finish, and is really not that tricky to master. I may eat my words when I try casting on a large project and find my ‘long-tail’ doesn’t measure up though!

Well, I am off to London for the weekend so there will be no postings until next week. Hopefully will make lots of Monkey progress on my journey by bus and train tomorrow 🙂

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Jaywalker Socks

Originally uploaded by Berry_Crafter


I finished this project a while ago now, but have only just got around to taking some snaps. I’m sure those sock knitters amongst you will be familiar with the ‘crosswalker’, and this slight variation by Grumperina, the ‘Jaywalker’. I was recommended this pattern (cheers Bryony!) as a simple way of progressing from basic ribbed patterns (of which I’d grown tired). These knit up quick, don’t require too much concentration, yet produce an interesting and attractive result. Since the pattern doesn’t have a lot of give, I deliberated for quite some time over which size to make (my feet are larger than an ‘average’ womans). In the end I cast on 84 stitches, and they’re pretty much a perfect fit :-). The yarn was a gift, and came without a label, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what I used!

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Spring Forward in regia

This was a holiday project which got waylaid on my return to the UK. The pattern is Spring Forward from the fabulous Knitty. I chose a regia yarn, but in retrospect think a plain colour would have shown off the lacy pattern more clearly. Still, am happy with the finished result- my first attempt at a basic lace knit!

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