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Pair of Monkeys

Finally, something to show you! Last night I put the finishing touches to my first pair of Monkeys. I’m really pleased with them, and wore them to bed in celebration 🙂 This is definitely a pattern I could see myself repeating… if there weren’t a lifetime’s worth of other socks already lining up to be knitted! I didn’t really run into too many problems with these ones. There was just a little unravelly yarn at one point, which I’m hoping doesn’t result in a weak spot that requires darning. My main triumph with this project was finally mastering the toe grafting. I know, this is simple, but for some reason I must have been getting my knits and purls all mixed up, resulting in a little ridge along the toes. This time, I referred to a trusty old YouTube Tutorial, and hey presto! Perfect toes at last 🙂 Oh, and I really must try and be more patient and wait until I have good enough light for crafty photography. Tonight’s photoshoot involved hanging upside down on the sofa in order to get the tootsies close enough to the lamp. So, I enjoyed the unexpected bonus of an abdominal workout. Who’d have thought knitting could be quite so energetic! 





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