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Arrrgh! When knitting goes bad! I am currently mid-projects, hence the lack of posting. The Monkeys are coming along nicely. Good Monkeys. However, am also knitting my first pair of ‘toe-ups’, and experiencing horror after horror! First I had infi-problems with getting started, then in an attempt to avoid┬áthe ghastly stitch wrapping method on the heel turn I decided to give this method a go. It got good reviews… Anyhow, it has left me with a nasty gappy heel turn, and seeing as I apparently have forgotten how to count.. a wonky heel too. To try and compensate for wonkiness, I started making and knitting together stitches in a rather amateur fashion in a vain attempt to close the gap. Hmmm. I seem to have created a lace effect which is not part of the pattern ­čśŽ I would frog them, if I hadn’t started them about 4 times already. Grrrr. And grr again for good measure. Tonight I fear I will have knitmares.


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